The Truth About Golf

To achieve our maximum learning potential in golf it helps to have a little information on what we are required to do to make this difficult game work for us. So let’s begin our lesson here.


Our Equipment has been designed to do a specific job and knowing what that is, may help us understand what our aim is when hitting a golf ball to be able to control it effectively.


The golf ball has dimples to create drag when it is flying through the air.  A golf ball MUST be spinning backwards to stay in the air.  The dimples on spinning golf ball grab the air and force it over the top of the ball quickly and resist it underneath as it flies through the air.  The ball rides the subsequent air wave at the front of the ball which creates lift.

Each golf club in the bag is designed with a shaft that leans towards the target. That is if we place a particular club with the sole flat on the ground, the shaft will be angled forwards and this will be the true loft of the golf club. This will place the hands ahead of the clubhead. Our ball position is determined by how much each clubs shaft leans forwards. The SW for instance should be played from the middle of the stance as it has a great deal of shaft lean forwards while the driver is played near the front foot as it has only very minimal shaft lean forwards.

So in summary, our equipment is designed to help the ball stay in the air when we hit down on the ball.

The golfer swings the club in a circle around his body on an incline plane. So where is the centre of the golfers circle and where is the bottom of the golfers circle?  We will break up the incline plane into its Horizontal and Vertical elements.  Below is the explanation of the Vertical Plane

The centre of the golfers circle is the target side shoulder (for RH golfers this is the left shoulder). The bottom of any circle is due south of the centre of the circle which places the bottom of the swing or “low point” below the target side shoulder. This will then mean the target side arm and the golf club make up the radius of the golfers circle.

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